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Girls on the Run Central Ohio Fall 2017 Program


There is no longer a need to dash to your computers all at once!


*Read the information below to be fully informed of the LOTTERY registration process.

Girls on the Run of Central Ohio engages in a lottery based online registration system to ensure a fair and equal process for all girls. Parents/Guardians are able to submit an application for their girl up online ANY time between Monday, August 28th – Thursday, August 31st. Girl Placement Day will occur on Friday, September 1st, this is when the online system will randomly If your girl is randomly selected, your credit/debit card will be charged on Friday, September 1st, officially registering her for a team.

If you are selected in the lottery: You will receive an email that you have been selected, and your credit card will be charged.

If you are NOT selected in the lottery: You will receive an email that you have been placed on the waiting list, and your credit card will NOT be charged at this time.

Registration will reopen on at 9:00 am on Saturday, September 2nd, on a first-come, first-served basis for sites with spots still available. 

To sign up for the lottery online, please have the following information available:

  • Parent/Guardian Contact Information
  • Emergency Contact Information
  • Health Information (Allergies, medications, etc.)
  • Insurance Information (Have insurance card available)
  • Credit/Debit Card

Have questions? Email:

CLICK HERE to read the Parent/Guardian and Participant Expectations 

Paper Applications for Registration – Please contact the school for the application form and additional information as paper applications for registration are managed by the Site Liaison at the school. All completed application forms are due to our office by August 28th. Paper applications also undergo the lottery assignment process. 

Host School Priority Registration Period: During our lottery registration period (August 28th-31st), ONLY girls attending the school where the program is taking place can sign up for the program at that location. Beginning Saturday, September 2nd, any girl can sign up at any site that still has space.

Moving from the waiting list to the program: If a spot opens at your site, it will be randomly filled by one of the girls who registered for your site during the lottery period. Once there are no more lottery girls for your site, it will be offered to the girls on the site’s waiting list in the order in which their applications were received.

We encourage families to pay what they can afford, honoring their household budget and the GOTR experience.

Our program registration fee is on a sliding fee scale and parents/guardians self select the fee that is appropriate/works for their household. See below.

Family (total household)                                              Income Fee Schedule
Less than $25,000                                                                          $10
$25,001 - $34,999                                                                           $20
$35,000 - $44,999                                                                           $30
$45,000 - $54,999                                                                           $50
$55,000 - $69,999                                                                           $100
over $70,000                                                                                    $150

When families utilize the sliding fee scale it then becomes our council's responsibility to fundraise to cover the amount discounted for the cost per girl so that we can remain a financially sustainable nonprofit.

Included for the girls in the program fee are:
• Twenty 1 hour and 15 minute lessons conducted by certified GOTR coaches
• A GOTR/H&S program t-shirt during the season
• The registration fee for the culminating 5K event
• 5K finisher medal and end of season celebration
• 5K T-shirt
• Samples from national sponsors
• Grown-¬Up Guide for parents to continue discussion of lesson topics at home
• A Healthy snack at each meeting
• A lifetime of confidence and the power to walk tall

Program fees cover expenses such as:
• GOTR coaches training
• CPR/first aid training
• GOTR/H&S curriculum and all lesson materials
• Fees for liability insurance
• Membership fees to Girls on the Run International
• Administrative assistance to coaches, sites, girls and parents
• Girls on the Run 5K expenses

GOTR of Central Ohio relies on individual donations, grants and sponsorships

If a family is unable to pay the minimum $10 fee then an email request from the family of the girl to for a full fee assistance code can be initiated.

The fall 2017 season will start the week of Monday, September 11th and run THROUGH the week of Monday, November 13th.
The fall 2017 Girls on the Run 5k will be 10AM, Saturday, November 18th. 

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